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Our drone program is a great way to engage your students!


With our Classroom Drone Essentials program, students become geospatial scientists for the day, are exposed to great role models, we challenge their unconscious bias, explore applications of drone technology, understand safety and drone regulations, as well as learn how to fly and code educational microdrones.


For students

Our student incursions give students hands-on experience with drones and they learn how technology can be utilised to support problem-solving. We give every student the opportunity to develop a passion and interest in STEM.

For teachers

Our Teacher Professional Learning workshops give teachers the confidence and support to see how easy it can be to bring drones into the classroom. We want to spark teacher interest in STEM to launch a drone program in your school.


Included with every drone incursion

 Drone uses

A facilitated discussion to understand how drones are used in the real world.

Equality in STEM

Explore the role of gender with respect to stereotypes and STEM careers.

Drone safety

Understand remote pilot regulations and drone safety considerations.

Drone flight

Gain confidence and competence in the manual flight of drones through a series of activities.


Code a drone for autonomous flight to solve a real-world survey challenge.


How it works

Our drone incursions are a unique education experience for your students, mapped to the Australian Curriculum.