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We Simplify Drone Education for Schools!

No matter your skill level.

Unique and Comprehensive

No other drone program checks all the boxes like ours!

Professional Learning Professional Learning

Professional Learning

Supported or Do-It-Yourself online

Curriculum Mapped Curriculum Mapped

Curriculum Mapped

ACARA achievement standards & rubrics

Competitions & Tournaments Competitions & Tournaments

Competitions & Tournaments

Mapping competition, drone tournaments

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free shipping

Free Shipping World Wide

Global Application Global Application

Global Application

Suitable for schools outside of Australia

Face-To-Face Incursions Face-To-Face Incursions

Face-To-Face Incursions

Have a Certified Instructor visit your school

Real World Challenges Real World Challenges

Real World Challenges

Real world challenges and missions in every lesson

Cross Curricular Cross Curricular

Cross Curricular

Geography, HASS, Maths, Digital Tech and more

Career Inspiration Career Inspiration

Career Inspiration

How drones are used in industry

21st Century Skills 21st Century Skills

21st Century Skills

Problem solving, critical thinking

Why Choose Drones for Teaching?

Our drone education program is meticulously crafted to ensure a seamless, enjoyable, and highly relevant teaching experience, mirroring real-world applications across various industries and STEM fields. Catering to both primary and secondary students, the program integrates teacher professional development with student engagement activities, establishing foundational skills for advancing through our comprehensive units. Classroom Drone Essentials has impacted nearly 9,000 students and teachers globally through in-person sessions, with over 1,500 educators relying on our online resources.

Our Membership

Our Membership

Our She Maps Membership gives you 12 months’ on-demand access to Classroom Drone Essentials program and many other curriculum aligned teaching materials. You will progress at your own pace through the professional learning resources and ready-to-teach units of work.

Online Together

Online Together

Online Together gives you 12 months’ access to the teaching resources of our Classroom Drone Essentials program, the full She Maps membership, PLUS bookable live online sessions with our Education team to get you setup with your drones, classroom management, school specific learning outcomes and tech support.

Face-2-Face Incursions

Face-2-Face Incursions

Let a Certified Instructor visit your school and deliver the Classroom Drone Essentials program to your students and teachers. Maximize excitement levels and raise your own confidence to deliver the program again and again by seeing it live in action. Includes access to the She Maps membership for one year.

Bring Drones to Life in Your Classroom

Purchase Drones

Purchase Drones

Discover our carefully curated Classroom Drone Kits, or simply add to your collection. We’ve got everything you need to purchase drones for your school.

Learn How To Teach With Drones

Learn How To Teach With Drones

Guided by a Certified She Maps Instructor, we will teach you how to use drones safely in your classrooms. Lots of tips and tricks to help you feel confident.

Teach Real World Lessons

Teach Real World Lessons

Our cross curricula teaching resources are ready to download and start teaching. We’ve saved you hours of planning time. Not all lessons require drones!

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