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Soar to New Heights with Drones for STEM Education
Inside Every Child Lives a Legend™
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Reasons Why
3 Reasons Why Drone Legends
Drone Legends is a comprehensive curriculum designed to teach students how to operate drones and develop skills in drone technology.
Made for Teachers by Teachers
The pressure to implement increasingly complex science, technology, engineering, (art!), and math programs is immense. Even the best educators are unlikely to be technologists or engineers.
Structured Learning
Drone Legends offers a structured and organized approach to learning drone technology.
Safety Focus
Safety is a crucial aspect of drone operation, and Drone Legends places a strong emphasis on safety in its curriculum

Curriculum Design You Can Trust

All students are hungry to learn more, even if they’re not textbook academics. They’re also immersed in a world of videos, graphics, digital experiences, and on-demand interactions.
Drone Legends STEM Fundamentals

Drone Legends - STEM Fundamentals Curriculum and Class Materials (without drones)

Drone Legends - STEM Fundamentals Curriculum and Class Materials (with drones)

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Drone Legends STEM Fundamentals
Our unique STEM Fundamentals is an all-in-one curriculum package that uses safe, indoor drones. The curriculum is geared towards 3rd - 8th graders, but can be adapted for kids of all learning levels.